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What about your Kitchen flooring?

How do your floors look – are they in good condition? If you see cracked tiles or damaged wood/vinyl/laminate planks, consider changing them out. Or if your home’s kitchen allow for its area to accommodate its own flooring, you could change it out for an updated look that would complement the rest of our home’s interior design. At a minimum, if you have tile and the grout is filthy, now is the time to get down on your hands and knees, if needed, to clean the grout. The simple solution of baking soda and peroxide works wonders along with a narrow brush to line up with the width of the grout line, such as an old toothbrush.

What is on top of your Kitchen’s countertops?

Food items – Do you usually store all your frequently used food containers, spices, condiments, etc on your countertops? If you do, now is the time to get them removed and put away inside of your cupboards. Sure, this may not be convenient, however the quicker you receive an offer from a home Buyer the quicker you can relax a bit in your home.

Small appliances – Do you like all of your small appliances handy for when you want to whip up some ice cream, a baked cake, a smoothie with fruit and veggies or a margarita or when you need to grate up some carrots or some other vegetable for a new recipe you’re trying? Having all of these appliances handy is ideal, I get that, however not now when trying to sell a home.

The more the top of your countertops can be seen the better. A countertop cluttered with too much stuff is not at all appealing to a home Buyer. They want to see sparse tops to make sure that their items will have the space that they need. You must allow them the ability to envision their things not having to overlook your clutter. Most Buyers don’t have the ability to do such a task of looking through a home Seller’s clutter, that’s a gift a small percentage possess. Plus, it may signal messiness and uncleanliness to them, which by no means do you want. Your task is to make your home appear as it has always been clutter-free and well cleaned; this brings in top dollar.

Put away small appliances when selling a home

What’s in your Kitchen’s cupboards?

Having your cupboards stacked full and unorganized is not appealing to a home Buyer. This will make them question your kitchen’s storage capacity. You’re going to have to pack to move anyway, so now is a good time to clean out all the items you don’t use routinely or just get rid of what you really don’t use. It’s all about maximizing your kitchen storage. Pack up or throw out before you move out.

Lastly, after addressing all the areas as discussed above regarding how to get your kitchen ready when selling a home, you’ll want to make sure it is sparkling clean. Because if your kitchen isn’t clean nothing else matters.

Wrap Up

Even though your kitchen is just a part of your home, it is the room of a home that is huge for its importance to most any single person or family that will be moving in. Quite often, the kitchen is the first room of the house that a prospective home Buyer will want to see. Follow all my advice above and the viewing of your home will certainly go far in grabbing ahold of a buyer of your home. All the advice that I provide really sets the stage for your kitchen implementing a staging plan.

How Buyers Can Get The Best Deal On A Home In A Seller’s Market

How to get the best deal

No matter how complex and time-consuming negotiations can be in a seller’s market, getting into them without having the basic knowledge to help you understand what’s going on can ruin all the chances of success you might have. In a seller’s market, where all the odds are on the opposite side, and you have to compete with many other buyers to get the property of your dreams, knowing how to get the best deal can save you thousands of dollars.

That’s why it’s important to know what the process consists of and how to handle everything in a seller’s market to be able to get the best outcome out of any deal.

Do your research

The best way to approach any real estate deal is first to get a better idea of the Florida market and the property you’re interested in. That’s why whenever you find a property that matches your taste and budget, the first thing you need to do is research. Gather information about the location, characteristics, and condition of the property at interest, as well as other similar properties that were sold in the area recently. You can do this by turning to online resources, asking people familiar with the property, or consulting your real estate agent.

This will give you a better idea of how everything moves and get the upper hand when you go into the negotiations as the opposite party (in this case, the seller) has no idea what you know and don’t know. For instance, if they have set the price far higher than other properties in the neighborhood, you will know it and be able to lower it to a more reasonable cost. Sell Your House Folsom

Gather Intelligence

Once you get a general idea of the local market, you should get familiar with the people you’ll be negotiating with. You want to know who the seller and the agent are, how long they’ve been in the business, what negotiation strategy they usually use, where they got their real estate license, their reputation, and so on.

To do this, you can schedule a meeting with the other side’s agent to get a better feel of the situation and try to discover something that may weaken their position. It can also shed light on some disclosures, or things you aren’t aware of that can potentially change the whole course of the negotiations or how much you’re willing to pay for the property.

Know the most, let know the least

The research is done to get yourself in the front of the race by knowing as much as you can about the other party, while letting them know as little as possible about you, including how much you know. This allows you to use your knowledge to leverage your situation by appearing unknowledgeable, but actually knowing a lot about the property and the surroundings.

A common strategy in the car dealership industry, for instance, is to negotiate with companies at the end of the month. Why? Because that’s when people are trying to meet their quotas and are willing to bend a little bit more than usual, so it’s a great chance to get a better deal.